Fabrizia Luongo

Parodontologia - Odontoiatria Restaurativa

Consegue la Laurea in Odontoiatria e Protesi dentaria con il massimo dei voti e la lode nel periodo 2007-2011 presso l'Università Cattolica del "Sacro Cuore" Agostino Gemelli di Roma .

Nel 2012 frequenta l'Università di Los Angeles (UCLA) partecipando al "Periodontics Preceptorship Program"

Nel periodo 2013 partecipa al corso base di Implantologia e Odontoiatria Restaurativa presso l'Università di Guarulhos (UnG Sao Paulo, Brasil).

Durante il biennio 2013- 2014 consegue il master di II livello in Parodontologia presso l'Università "La Sapienza" di Roma.

Nel 2014 frequenta inoltre il corso avanzato di Implantologia e Odontoiatria Restaurativa presso l'Università di Guarulhos (UnG Sao Paulo, Brasil).

Dal 2013  esercita la sua libera professione a Roma dedicandosi prevalentemente alla Parodontologia e all'Odontoiatria Restaurativa.

In questi ultimi anni La Dott.ssa Luongo si è dedicata all'applicazione delle tecnologie digitali in Odontoiatria.


E' socio sttivo della Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) dalla sua fondazione.

E' autrice del capitolo "Diagnosi e Piano di Trattamento Virtuale" del libro "Digital Implantology", editrice Quintessence.

E' Co-founder del progetto Digital Dentistry Universe (DDU) piattaforma web che raccoglie i principali aggiornamenti sulle tecnologie digitali in Odontoiatria.





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Author of the Chapter:  “Digital Treatment Planning” of the book “Digital Implantology” Edited by Quintessence.


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  • 2014- 2015, University of Siena (Italy)

     Adjunct Professor for the International Master in “Advanced Implant Prosthetic    Treatment “.


  • 7-9 February 2017, AEEDC Dubai, UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental ExHibition.

Title: “3d Digital evaluation of the aesthetic outcome in the anterior region.”


  • 2-5 May 2017, Baden Baden (Germany), International Implantology Days, Leading Ladies in Dentistry Session, TEDX Format.

Title: “The Digital Challenge of the New Dental Generation”


  • 2-3 June 2017, Barcelona (Spain), 5th MegaGen European Scientific Meeting, “Cloud Dentistry: Connecting Digital Dentistry to Real Results”.

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  • 13-15 June 2017, Athens (Greece), The Smart Casual Dentistry Simposium, “Upcoming Faces" Session.

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  • 26-28 October 2017, Sibiu (Romania), Romanian Society of Dental Science (SRSD), “Implant Connected To Nature”.

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  • 24-25 January 2018, Malaga (Spain) Europe, Africa and Middle East (Eamer) Carestream Dental Meeting  

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  • 3 March 2018, Lugano (Switzerland) MINEC CH and Ticinese Society of Dental Surgeons (STMD) New trends in Implantology

     Title: “The Digital challenge in the modern dental clinic”


  • 6-10 June 2018, Bologna (Italy) Channel 3 Meeting

Title: “Esthetic evaluation in Implant dentistry from analogical to digital approach”


  • 20-22 September 2018 Munich (Germany) 15th DGOI Annual International Congress

     Title: “Integrated Digital work-flow in Guided Surgery”


  • 16-17 November 2018 Marrakesh (Morocco) 2nd Digital Dentistry Society Consensus Conference: Digital Technologies

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  • 23 November 2018 Varese (Italy) Universitas Studiorum Insubria, 2nd Level Master in Digital Dentistry

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  • 24 November 2018 Como (Italy) Lake Como Institute

     Title: “Aesthetic evaluation in Implant Therapy from the Analogical to Digital Approach”